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Learn how to de-stress

Relaxation enables you to function so much better.

Your stress levels Impact your life and can cause internal effects creating digestive problems, skin disorders, premature ageing and illness.

Tailored Relaxation

After a thorough consultation, a combination of massage modalities are combined to specifically treat your concerns.  A bespoke treatment with specialised techniques.

Neuro muscular, deep tissue, acupressure, fascia release and lymphatic drainage methods are combined and tailored to ensure that muscular problems are alleviated.

If relaxation and aromatherapy is more enticing to you, that can be your personalised treatment.


Suggested treatments could be:

Back, Neck & Shoulder massage

Full Body massage

Full body, face & scalp massage

Choose your time

30 mins  £37

60 mins  £65

90 mins  £95

120 mins £120

Reiki & Reflexology Balancing Treatment    50 mins  £50

A unique balancing treatment that combines the methods of Reflexology and Reiki. Each energy practise is enhance by the other giving an overall feeling of tranquility and clarity.

Reflexology is a balancing treatment that works on the feet. A pressure point massage that works on detoxifying and energising the body. Can really help conditions such as insomnia, fertility, IBS, anxiety, depression and many other concerns.

Reiki is a healing detoxifying treatment that works on universal energy. A gentle non invasive healing treatment that helps to calm and soothe the body, mind and spirit.

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