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Rejuvenating Meso Therapy

Mesotherapy was originally developed in France as a method to alleviate pain.

It is now used as a rejuvenating treatment that plumps, nourishes and tightens.

FILLMED Rejuvenation range provides a unique combination of products & protocols that remains unequalled for improving skin quality


A result driven treatment that can work on the delicate areas of the face, neck and décolleté.

All treatments includes a Chemical Peel followed by micro injections using Nano Soft with NCTF135ha , which is 3 crystal silicone needles, designed to deliver NCTF135ha our skin hero, to the perfect depth, creating a perfect skin eco system.

FILLMEDs Treatments


Refresh tired eyes, rewind time on fine lines and wrinkles and reduce dark circles.

Neck & Décolleté 

Preventing or minimising the signs of ageing in this area. Plumps & rejuvenates the skin minimising varying depths of lines 


Nourishes, plumps and softens lines and wrinkles in targeted areas of the face and neck

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